Doug (redrock) wrote in wrestletalk,

Benoit - Regal

I finally got my hands on a copy of that Chris Benoit-William Regal match from Velocity that the cyber world has been buzzing about recently. And I can vouch for the fact that it was indeed an awesome match, for those of you curious. Old school mat wrestling at its best. Counter after counter...perfect chain wrestling. If you're into watching wrestling for things like slamming a guy through a table or falling off a cage (hello, ECW fans), then it's not for you, because it's purely technical wrestling. But there is some blood (that looked legit in its origin) shed. Only a couple of times do we see a punch thrown or a kick set free. Overall just a great series of old school moves and a good display that really makes me want to get a copy of the Benoit-Regal match from the Brian Pillman Memorial a few years back, as I heard that was considered the "Match of the Year" by many circles.
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