Doug (redrock) wrote in wrestletalk,

We're kinda like the nWo....recruiting people and all....Can I be Hogan?!?

Let me be the first to welcome our newest member, artemis_22288, to the community. Yeah, there are only four of us so far. But you have to start somewhere, right?

Feel free to invite others along. Also feel free to write as often as you want. Even if it's something you think is "dumb," if it's wrestling related, I'm sure we'll all enjoy it and have something to say about it.

You'll find that those of us who are here so far like the more obscure parts of wrestling, but we get into the more well known stuff, too. So no matter what you talk about, we'll have something to say. And the more posts there are here, the more likely that people will join us in our wrestling geekdom. Yay!

*ahem* Welcome.
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